Cognitive Training

When you have problems with cognitive skills—whether it’s attention, memory, organization,– it can have a negative impact on how you function in your life. When you want to explore ways to improve, let us show you some solutions.

NASM offers the Cogmed Working Memory Training program. It is a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory.

What is working memory? Simply stated, working memory is the search engine of the mind.

Working memory is the cognitive function responsible for keeping information online, manipulating it, and using it in your thinking. It is the way that you delegate the things you encounter to the parts of your brain that can take action. In this way, working memory is necessary for staying focused on a task, blocking out distractions, and keeping you updated and aware about what’s going on around you.

We use our working memory constantly in daily life helping us to perform efficiently and effectively in academic, professional, and social settings. Cogmed exists to help you improve your working memory to be better equipped to meet your challenges.

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