Patrick J Weis PsyD

Dr. Weis is a licensed psychologist who works with patients with a wide variety of issues and concerns. He has been treating patients for six years as a psychologist, but was a Licensed Professional Counselor prior to that, so has 20 years of counseling experience.
To respond to your needs, Dr. Weis provides the following services:
  • Psychotherapy for adolescents and adults—mood disorders, impulse control, anger management—individual and family
  • Neurobiofeedback for anxiety and depression
  • EMDR for specific traumas such as motor vehicle accidents; works with military and law enforcement.
  • Health Psychology Evaluations
  • General psychological evaluations for adults
  • Specialized assessments related to spiritual development or concerns
  • Couple counseling
Dr. Weis believes that psychotherapy is a learning and growth process. He relies on cognitive behavioral approaches, trauma treatment, and specialized treatments such as Neurofeedback.
He believes a positive treatment experience is capable of changing how a person thinks, feels, and regulates stress related emotion, in order to overcome obstacles and accomplish one’s goals in life.
Dr. Weis (pronounced like the word “nice”) began his journey into the health sciences, psychology and psychotherapy with his education in counseling psychology at the University of Denver, and developed a special emphasis on developmental psychology, positive psychology, and adult development. His doctoral training at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology included a concentration in neuropsychology/health psychology and clinical practice. Currently his focus in health psychology informs treatments he applies for patients suffering trauma, depression, behavioral problems in adolescents, substance abuse, health related or professional issues, and families of adoption.