When you are going through a difficult time or overwhelmed with your problems, counseling can help.

Also, consider therapy:

To improve a relationship

When you have pain

To feel better about yourself

To get a new perspective when you feel depressed

When you have trauma that you need to process

To better understand your thoughts, feelings, and responses

To reduce your stress

To learn new patterns of behavior

To improve you attention and focus

To identify goals and establish techniques to reach them

When you feel anxious and need strategies to cope or feel better

Our therapists and counselors provide individual, couple, and family sessions for all ages.

We treat a wide variety of issues, and use evidence based techniques:

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Our therapists and their specialities:

Jenny Acord, MA, LPC

Jenny Acord, MA, LPC

Individual counseling, coaching, relationship counseling, adolescents


Steven Akeson, PsyD

Individual counseling, Pain and PTSD, Adjustment to Disability


John Kreymer, PsyD

Individual counseling, Health Psychology, Neurofeedback, Alpha Stim


Kimberly Mundt, MS, LPC

Individual counseling for all ages, Trauma, Abuse, EMDR


Patrick Weis, PsyD

Individual counseling, Neurofeedback